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Recycled and handmade journals and note books. UK based business Your Basket Is Empty
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Converting your book
Send us one of your special books to be converted into a Rebound journal



We can convert just about any book you have or may find, into a journal, notebook or diary.

A wonderful option if you have a favourite book that needs a new lease in life – you would certainly use a rebound book more the a normal publication.

Your favourite books would also make a wonderful gift or present bringing with it a unique and magical charm.

We do also offer our gift service and can send out your converted book gift wrapped with a card to your choice of address.

We can make you a journal, notebook , sketch book photo album etc. that would be just right for a project , course or your unique needs.

We can produce special sizes and offer a range of different papers. We can interleaf your book with transparent protective pages ideal for photos and pastels, include coloured paper and more…

Please contact us by email with your requirements, we would love to hear from you.

If you have browsed our stocks and not found a book that takes your fancy you can always send us an email with what you are after.

We cannot make any promises, but we do always keep a wanted list, and would give you first refusal on any books that we feel might be suitable.

You could always find a book yourself and we would convert it for you – see “ converting your book”

Please contact us by email with your requirement , we would love to hear from you.
We would happily consider any special orders – for example converting programs or business cards into notebooks
Please contact us by email with your requirement , we would love to hear from you.

We can refill your Rebound Book

A wonderful option if you have a very special Rebound Book that is running out of space.

We also give you the option to have your full pages spiral bound and returned with your refilled book.

You could also choose to have lined paper added or even one of our wonderful diaries printed in your Rebound Book


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