Rebound have been lovingly recreated entirely by hand using recycled & reclaimed paper & card. Visit Rebound to see more notebooks, journals and greetings card
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What it's all about

Rebound books are individually and uniquely created from original publications.

We remove the spines from the original book and using a quality reclaimed paper, intersperse (or interleaf as we like to say) blank pages with selected pages from the original book.

These books are then wire bound (using the best wire binding available) into our very unique - Journals, Notebooks, Sketch books & Diaries. We always use the original covers.

Our wonderfully unique books certainly make fantastic gifts – with our growing selection there is almost certainly something for everyone.

All the books featured in our shop were destined for landfill, donated from customers or feeling miserable in a charity shop! Once made into a wire bound notebook or journal each book has so much more value and in most cases are transformed into treasured items.


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